About Us




As a trusted weighing company and scale company since our establishment in 1940, Scalerite treates every client and employee with care, because it has been our tradition to treasure every opportunity that aids in building a lasting meaningful relationship with the people we come into contact with.


At Scalerite we believe that the human mind is like a parachute; if you never open it fully you will never make the best use of it. Therefore we value an open atmosphere where new ideas flourish, with teamwork that turns these ideas into beneficial products and services. To sustain this value we love to work with intelligent, industrious and definitely fun people, who posess the following qualities:


Open Minded

Approaches new ideas with an open mind or even creates ideas.


Efficient Learner

Successfully integrates and applies new knowledge and skills.


Team Player

Understands that a team of smart people can deliver brilliant work that no single person could replicate.


Feedback Catalyst

Proactively seeks feedback to improve oneself and generously provides their own feedback to help us grow as a company.



Every client's success is of paramount importance to us. We value a healthy, long-term relationship with all our clients, and disdain any temporary gain that may put Scalerite's decades of reputation in jeopardy.


We provide thorough training assistance to our clients, and believe that our knowledgable products provide a pleasant end-user experience. Thus, we aim to be the source of knowledge that provides quality products with efficient and considerate services to our clients.