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Loadcells & Industrial Accessories

Most digital scales use a load cell to convert weight to a digital signal. Load cells typically consist of a block of metal with a strain gauge attached that can detect the slight variations in stress on the metal. The strain gauge detects the change in electrical resistance and converts this to a digital signal. The scales microprocessor converts this signal to a weight and displays it on the LCD.



Cardinal stainless steel sheerbeam




Micro Block Loadcells

150kg/ 300kg/ 500kg


  • Batteries

Pel Loadcell


Pel Center Point Side Mounting Loadcell:
500kg / 1000kg / 2000kg

Modern 2000


  • Brackets

S Type Loadcell


MS S-Type Loadcell:
50kg / 100kg / 200kg / 300kg / 500kg / 1000kg / 2000kg


  • Castors (with or without brake)

N120 center point Loadcell




Center Point Top & Bottom Mounting Loadcell:
48kg / 120kg / 300kg

Junction box

  • Junction Box
4 Way
8 Way
10 Way

Block Loadcell




Pel Centre Point Side Mount:
500kg / 1000kg


  • Scoops

Sheerbeam Loadcell




Shear Beam Loadcell:
1000kg / 2000kg

Swivel Feet

  • Swivel Feet





20Ton / 30 Ton Loadcell (weighbridges)




ULP Loadcell
2 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 Ton, 20 Ton, 50 Ton (Optional Accesories available)




Zemic Shearbeam Loadcells

Please contact us for more information on these and other loadcells.


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